Lillian Ahenkan popularly known as FlexMami is an African-Australian media personality and your favourite slashie.


Starting her career as a DJ in 2015, she quickly gained recognition as a MTV Presenter, Social Media Influencer, Model and more recently a Podcaster. Naturally, because she was charming and had an infectious, but also because her being represented identities that hadn’t been reflected often in Australian media. Specifically, plus size, black, second-generation immigrants and everything in between.

Touted ‘the internet’s favourite optimist’ she built a community of engaged millennials through her fight against the world’s obsession with self-deprecation. Her rise from 9-5er to full-time creative freelancer who gets paid to be herself had audiences intrigued and itching for tips on how to mimic it.


Her makeup skills have been praised by Actor and Activist Jameela Jamil who says “she uses makeup in the most extraordinary way. She doesn’t use it to cover herself up, she uses it to play with, draw attention to and celebrate her features. Fun, bold, obvious and arty colours and lines are how I do mine if I wear any.”

Now she’s loved for her matter-of-fact discussion on taboo topics, sexual liberation, dating and critical thinking. Praised for being a “breath of fresh air on a platform famous for hyper-constructed and ultra staged personalities”. When she’s not online being a Professional Opinion Haver, you can find her gobbling up copious amounts of junk food and googling conspiracies.