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Your favourite CROSS-CONTINENTAL (Bobo is in NYC and Flex is in Australia) sex, lifestyle and philosophy podcast is here. 


It's the self-actualised group chat you wish you were part of and now you can be. 


Follow Bobo and Flex as they unpack anything from moral dilemmas, ethical code, the subtle differences between red flags and pink flags, how to decolonise your mind, alternative forms of spirituality while creating tools to dodge problematic boys and in the same breath, dissecting the nuance between settling vs. compromising.

Listen here and join in on post-episode conversations on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Lillian Ahenkan popularly known as Flex is an International DJ, MTV Presenter, Social Media Influencer, Podcaster, Model, Professional Opinion Haver and Author.

 I'm all about making sure everyone has the tools necessary to glow up. My platform is for real-talk discussions on taboo topics, sexual liberation, dating, critical thinking and the odd chicken salt review.


April 5, 1994

Australian-born, Sydney-based Ghanaian Woman

Aries Sun, Aquarius Moon, Pisces Rising

ENTP + Enneagram 3

Loves carbs, conspiracies, big ideas and 12 hours of sleep

Doesn't drink enough water 


Flex Mami uses makeup in the most extraordinarily beautiful way to celebrate her features.


She doesn't hide.

She's bright and bold, but unafraid to go deep on life advice – identity and intersectionality are particular passions. 

She’s an absolute queen and we would happily take any opportunity to praise/appreciate/worship the ground she walks on. 

Flex is constantly on a journey of self-reflection and she’s is always questioning, learning and challenging things and she refuses to be into a box. 

The beauty icon we need right now.

Note: Flex was a finalist in Cosmopolitan's Woman Of The Year 2018 for Beauty